6 Geelong cafes you need to try this weekend

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 7.43.57 pm.png

Geelong has really stepped up their brunch game over the last few years, with cute little cafes popping up left right and centre.

So here’s a guide to 7 of the best cafes and what you should try at each one!

  1. King Of The Castle – um the Croissant Benny, are you kidding me, pork crackle with breakfast, don’t mind if I do!
  2. Freckleduck – Baked ricotta & blueberry hotcake is to die for!
  3. The Village Door – round up the troops and head to The Village Door on pako for THE BEST brekky platter you will every lay your eyes on.
  4. Southside – the guys at Southside make the best coffee to go with an even better acai bowl!
  5. Neighbour Geelong – you’ll get some of the greatest and I mean the GREATEST slow cooked eggs here, sometimes simple does the trick!
  6. Little Green Corner –  Try the winter veggie stack on sourdough and you will leave with the warmest (and fullest) of bellies!

image credit – King Of The Castle