Adventures in Wonderland – Nepal


A short flight from Kathmandu up to the Himalayan region and we felt like we were in a completely different world. Lukla airport is known to be one of the most dangerous airports in Nepal and the world… it’s simply a concrete landing strip and tin shed in the middle of nowhere, and surrounded by incredible landscapes and mountains.

The First Trek

1 - The First Trek.jpg

We said goodbye to the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, and hello to the beautiful Himalayan mountains. Our first day included a trek (and a little bit of rain) which took around four hours to get to our next stop.

Cloudy Days

2 - Cloudy Days.jpg

The Himalayan region was absolutely stunning – no matter the weather. The surroundings were quiet, dark grey clouds folded around the mountain peaks, and every little home we saw along the way was uniquely different from the last.


3 - Gramps.jpg

One of the locals we met along the way – he was very excited to introduce us to his very shy little granddaughter.

Sunset in the Hills 

4 - Sunset in the Hills.jpg
The rain lasted until nightfall, and by the time we reached our campsite it was too dark to see where we were going or what was around us. Luckily, we had amazing Sherpas from the organisation ‘Keep Walking Nepal’ and once we arrived they set up our campsite for us. We could only see around using our torch lights, so it wasn’t until the next morning that we actually saw the village.

Stay tuned for day 2!

Written By Alice Moran
Alice is a  local Geelong gal who loves to travel, enjoys photography as a hobby and wants to hear and share more stories. You can check out her Instagram here





Belle With Love 2018 Spring Racing Lipstick Edit

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Here are the hot tips, which to no surprise, have nothing to do with odds or sweeps. You can ace the Belle With Love 2018 Spring Racing Lipstick Edit trackside, champagne in hand of course.

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Meet the girls making fitness relatable

Sadly, a staggering 89 per cent of Australian women hate the way the look and lack any form of confidence.

A statistic that has only grown since the powerful world of social media made its impression on today’s society.

Too many young woman, and men, compare themselves to the ‘models’ they see on their instagram feeds – with their posed photos, perfect lighting and photoshopped bodies.

So it has been a breath of fresh air to see two Geelong based girls sharing their fitness journey in the realest and most relatable way over social media.

Lauren and Sharee co-manage an instagram account called @freshkinicomp, a page they started to show others what it was like during the good days and the bad days of a fitness journey.


“For me, it’s all about helping females feel confident again and loving themselves, not someone they aspire to be on their phone wallpaper,” says Lauren.

Lauren has been a personal trainer since the age of 19 and now owns her own gym, Toning Fitness, and Sharee is a nutritionist and trainer who used to suffer with an eating disorder.

Sharee describes herself as “a body-positive warrior who is learning to love my body no matter what stage it’s at, I find that a huge deal since I use to battle with an eating disorder,” – an attribute she is trying to teach her clients and those who follow their journey on instagram.

While maintaining their own healthy lifestyles, they are both incredibly passionate about helping other woman to reach their fitness goals and empowering them no matter what size or shape they may be.

“From 16 to 23 my fitness habits went up and down like a yo-yo – gain weight, lose weight – and it wasn’t until I got engaged that I really worked hard at my fitness and kept it a lifestyle! It takes a lot of starting and stopping until you get sick of starting before it becomes a true lifestyle,” says Sharee.

“I was actually a school teacher before this and struggled with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and when I changed my diet my whole fitness excelled, I want to help others who are struggling to lose weight from exercise alone,” she says.

Lauren and Sharee had only been working together for a few weeks when Sharee asked her if she wanted to do a “Bikini Competition” with her, a fitness and physique competition for women.

Instead of just training without others knowing and keeping it to themselves, they decided to start their instagram page, which has gained nearly 700 followers since late March.

“We train females together at Toning Fitness and we share everything with our clients, we did this for them and for anyone else thinking of starting a Bikini Comp for the first time,” says Lauren.

“We wanted to show them what it was like during the good days and the bad days and how dedicated you have to be, because let’s be honest, no one knows how hard it actually is just by seeing posed photos on instagram,” says Sharee.


So far the girls have been doing 5 weight sessions per week; they run for about 2hours (including 15min booty activation warm up and a 15min walk at the end).

They have a coach who sets a meal plan that has only slightly changed since they started.

“We are moving into the last 9 weeks which will change drastically, but we are blissfully unaware just how much. We know we have some interval training cardio soon and carbs will decrease as well,” say the girls.

Going through such a gruelling process that takes a lot of physical and mental strength can be difficult on your own, so both the girls are extremely grateful to have the other to lean on during their preparation. 

“We get along so well and see each other for about 2-3hrs every day. I couldn’t imagine doing this without her, we keep each other extremely motivated which has been the real award. I have someone that understands everything I am going through to get  stage ready,” says Lauren.

Both Lauren and Sharee did not expect the amount of support and praise they have received since starting Freshkinicomp and they love that others appreciate their vision of empowering themselves and others to love their bodies.

“We are so overwhelmed by the love we are getting from Instagram, we are just being ourselves and the followers just keep coming. We don’t wear makeup, we don’t try make ourselves look pretty before gym or during weight lifting, we just film, be ourselves 24/7 and hope that everyone likes it,” says Lauren.

“Yes, sometimes people think we are robots, we are just human and it is just as hard for us,” says Sharee.

Lauren and Sharee hope that after they finish their competition they they can continue to motivate others and maybe go into the coaching world themselves.

Their parting words for those who want to make a change or are really struggling with where they’re at physically and mentally in their fitness journey are:

“Stay consistent! Motivation will come and go but if you make a plan, when you do have motivation and stick to it no matter what, then you can achieve your goals.”

Follow the girls on Instagram to keep up to date with the final weeks of their preparation!