How to Break Out of That Slump and Get Your Shit Back Together

I don’t know about anybody else, but that post new years motivation to get my life together has slowly but surely been drained from my being and all I want to do is revert back to Netflix in bed EVER. DAMN. DAY.

Not just me? Didn’t think so!

Well why don’t we try break out of this slump together by trying some of the following ways to kick our asses back into gear.

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Acknowledge & accept the slump
One of the first steps in getting out of that slump is acknowledging you’re actually in one and figuring out how you got there in the first place.

Once you figure out why you’re feeling like a sloth, accept it , thank it for its time and tell it to kindly move the f*ck on because you’ve got shit to do.

Get inspired
What ever it is you want to achieve, even if it’s just to be more productive, find a muse.

For me, I get inspiration from others who have achieved what I want to achieve, or who are currently on the same creative journey and it’s nice to follow along and look up to them!

Set goals
Now it’s time to set some (attainable) goals.

It’s no use setting unrealistic goals like ‘earn one million dollars in the next month’ – that’s an exaggeration, but you get the point – because when you don’t achieve those goals you head right back down to slump town.

I find setting weekly goals that I can easily accomplish help keep me motivated to achieve bigger and better things down the track.

Mental strength
Out with the pessimism and in with the optimism!

You can’t sit there and dwell on all you have to do or everything you should have done, you need to focus on staying positive and increasing mental strength so that you can endure any bumps in the road.

Source: Giphy

Practice what you preach
Now it’s time to put all of this positive thinking and goal setting to the test.

Start really small. The whole point is to just do something. Something that will make you feel better, so get out there and kick some goals!

Start right now.